Brain Images of Normal Subjects

BRAINS Data dictionary

Version: 1.0. Author: BRAINS team.  Last updated: 09th June, 2015

This document details the methods of categorisation used for variables included in BRAINS. This may not have been the method used in the original study. The categorisation used is based on available and widely used schema, as outlined below. How data were collected in the original study and changes made to fit the schema, can be found in the ‘data provenance’ section


i. Highest qualification

These are broadly categorised- please see 'years of formal education' variable for details.

Value Meaning
0 No education
1 O-level or equivalent
2 A-level or equivalent
3 Semi-professional / professional qualification
4 Degree

ii. Country related variables

These are based on the ISO 3166-1 classification scheme. ISO_3166-2:GB is used to further break down UK into Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England

iii. Ethnicity

This uses the self-reported categorisation scheme.

iiv. First language

This is based on the 3-digit code of ISO 6391 classification scheme

v. Occupation

This is based on Registrar General’s Social Class (Social Class Based on Occupation) - a six-class scheme. Students and Unemployed are however separately classified.

Value Meaning
1 Professional. e.g. lawyer, doctor, clergyman, professional engineer
2 Intermediate e.g. proprietor of business, trained nurse, artist
3 Skilled- non-manual (e.g. clerk, policeman)
4 Skilled - manual (e.g. miner, chauffeur)
5 Partly skilled e.g. fisherman, carter, stoker, conductor
6 Unskilled e.g. labourer, railwayman, watchman
7 Student
8 Unemployed

vi. Age

All age related variables are recorded in years for adults

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Physical Measurements

  • Blood pressure systolic (mmHg)
  • Blood pressure diastolic (mmHg)
  • Pulse (BPM)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Height (cm)
  • BMI (kg/m2)

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Medical History

  • All duration of illnesses are recorded in years

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Medical Summary

  • All variables are recorded as either Yes(1) or No(0)

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  • All variables are recorded as either Yes(1) or No(0)
  • totalNumberOralMed (Total number of oral medications)

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Lifestyle Factors

  • smokingNumCig (Number of cigarettes per day)
  • alcoholUnitsWeek (Number of units per week)

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Cognitive Tests

Please refer to the provenance information sheet for information on version of cognitive test tool used for specific project.

Variable Label Score Search type
MMSE Mini–Mental State Examination Total raw score obtained in both parts of test Cognitive screening
MorayHouse Moray House Test Total raw score summed over sub-tests General intelligence
NART National Adult Reading Test Total raw score of number of correct items General intelligence
digitSymbol Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence subset test Total raw score for sub-test Cognitive domains
HADSAnxiety Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale - Anxiety Raw score for anxiety sub-test Mood
HADSAnxiety Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale- Depression Raw score for depression sub-test Mood
HamiltonAnxiety Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale Total raw score Mood
HamiltonDepression Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression Total raw score Mood
verbalFluency Verbal Fluency Total raw score sum of both sub-scores Cognitive screening
logicalMemory Logical Memory Total raw score sum of both sub-cores Cognitive screening

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Functional Tests

  • sixMeterWalk (6 meter walk in seconds)
  • gripStrength (Grip strength raw score in kgs?)
  • Townsend (Total raw score)

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Laboratory Findings

  • triglyc (Triglycerides in mmol/L)
  • Hb (Hemoglobin in mL)
  • creatinine (in μmol/L)
  • haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c in mmol/mol)
  • cholesterol (in mmol/L)
  • intracranialArea (Intracranial area in mm2)

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Scan Findings

  • Brain volume (mm3)
  • Intracranial area (mm2)
  • wmLesionsFazekasPVH (White matter lesions PVH in Fazekas)
  • wmLesionsFazekasDWMH (White matter lesions DWMH in Fazekas)
  • wmLesionsWahlund (White matter lesions - PVH+DWMH in Wahlund)
  • atrophySulci (Atrophy - sulci)
  • atrophyVentricle (Atrophy - ventricle)
  • epvsBasalGanglia (EPVS - basal ganglia)
  • epvsCentrumSemiovale (EPVS - centrum semiovale)
  • epvsHippocampus (EPVS - hippocampus)