Brain Images of Normal Subjects

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New standards for data sharing in the neurosciences: Brain Imaging Data Structure

■ BIDS is a simple and easy to adopt standard for organizing neuroimaging and behavioral data. It was developed at the INCF Neuroimaging Data Sharing Task Force meeting held at Stanford University on January 27-30th 2015.

About the BIDS specification

Open Brain Consent initiative

■ An attempt to develop a Consent form template for subjects in neuroimaging research.

Make open data sharing a no-brainer for ethics committees.

Identifying subjects across studies (National Institute of Mental Health)

■ Originally implemented to support the autism research community, the GUID is a universal subject ID allowing researchers to share data specific to a study participant without exposing personally identifiable information (PII) and match participants across labs and research data repositories.

More information available on the NIMH Data Archive website

Towards a new Neuro-Network

■ The UK Neuroinformatics Node, along with eFutures, held a meeting which brought together different types of neuroscientists (from clinical to experimental to computational modellers to neuro-engineers) to enable co-operation. A report on the meeting is available at

Towards a new Neuro- Network: Meeting 3 May 2016

Data Analysis and Sharing (COBIDAS)

■ Report by the Committee on Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing (COBIDAS), an initiative from the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)

Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing in Neuroimaging using MRI

Brain Atlases

■ BRAINS have developed seven age-specific atlases of T1 brain MRI from 25 to 92 years. They are available for download from BRAINS atlases @ Edinburgh Datashare

Data Sharing

■ Report on Data-sharing by the Health and Medicine Division (formerly Institute of Medicine) - National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Sharing Clinical Trial Data: Maximising Benefits, Minimizing Risk

Review by Richard Lehman

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Development of Human Brain Image Banks and Age-Specific Normative Brain Atlases

■ The aim of the meeting was to convene a group of world experts in all aspects of creating, curating, and using brain image banks, particularly of normal individuals.

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