Brain Images of Normal Subjects

BRAINS Imagebank

The BRAINS (Brain Images of Normal Subjects) Imagebank is a collection of anonymised images and associated clinical data. It includes ‘normal’ individuals at all ages (from prenatal to old age). The data were collected from individuals participating in healthy volunteer studies, or control groups. Read more ....

The BRAINS team is based in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, which hosts the data, on behalf of, and under the govenance of, a multidisciplinary steering committee. Read more ...

The BRAINS Imagebank provides a searchable, living database of images and clinical information across the lifespan. Summary data can be accessed with simple online verification. Applications for data use will be reviewed by the BRAINS steering committee. Read more ...

Examples of potential uses include:

BRAINS can provide a solution for ongoing storage of data from imaging studies, and making data available for future use, please contact us to discuss.

From the 20th of November 2019 BRAINS imagebank will charge an administration fee for approved data requests. This fee may be waived in certain circumstances. Please see Applying for data for further details.

(BRAINS) age-specific MRI atlases from young adults to the very elderly

BRAINS have developed seven age-specific atlases of T1 brain MRI from 25 to 92 years. They are available for download from BRAINS atlases @ Edinburgh Datashare

Based on data drawn from the datasets NIH_DTI, LBC1921, and LBC1936